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  1. Ford Transit General Discussion
    This is a mock up for our incoming 2023 High Roof Transit 148" Van's. We'll be starting our first Moto specific build in about a week. The garage cabinets are designed just wide enough to contain systems (plumbing and electrical) while allowing enough room for two dirt bikes in the garage...
  2. Ford Transit Vehicles For Sale
    2015 Ford Transit T-350 148" Low Roof RWD 3.5L EcoBoost 3.73 axle Tow Package I built this with the goal of being able to haul two bikes while also having a place to sleep. With this van I was able to do that. Bikes get to remain safely hidden away in the van and away from the elements, rather...
    $32,000 USD
  3. Ford Transit General Discussion
    I’m working on my van conversion which includes transporting my motorcycle inside my van. The only problem I have is the gasoline fumes coming from my bike. I have drained the gas out of the gas tank and carbs and the smell of the fumes is still overwhelming. please help
  4. Introductions
    Howdy, Noob here. Getting closer each day to pulling the trigger on our first van. 2021 T350 148 HR Long AWD. It will be our weekend warrior vehicle for hauling dirt bikes, camping and skiing. It will also serve as my daily driver. The build will be very simple, possibly an Adventure Wagon kit...
  5. DIYs and Modifications
    Hey guys, you have been a ton of help so I thought I would post my youtube playlist of me building my 2020 T250 into a moto van. Check it out and let me know what you think. My next move is some swivels for the front seats.
  6. Ford Transit General Discussion
    How would a 2021 350 HR EXT with just the stock 3.5 (NON ECOBOOST) handle 2 Kawasaki KLR 650s in the back? In terms of highway driving, mountain passes and logging roads? I know the ECOBOOST is more than capable, but I’m not looking for a race car, just something to haul our bikes to the...
1-6 of 6 Results