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  1. DIYs and Modifications
    I know that this has been kicked around a bit on other threads, especially after the Midea-U window A/C unit came out, but I've just completed a successful "science project" to convert the Midea-U 8000BTU window unit into a "mini-split" by separating the indoor and outdoor sections. I have no...
  2. Ford Transit General Discussion
    Core Components: 42 SEER Carrier minisplit A/C and heat pump, 7.2kW Nations alternator, 1.1kW solar array 20.5kWh LFP battery bank, 120/240V 3.8kW inverter/charger, Dometic CFX375DZ fridge/freezer, 25 gallon fresh water tank, 7 gallon grey tank, electric adjustable bed with full-length XL...
1-2 of 2 Results