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  1. 2020 AWD Van Compass 2" Lift, Fox Pro Resis, Skid Plate, Shock Mount Edit, Rear Tire Carrier, 265/75/16 Terrain Contact AT 32.2"

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    Post 1 of 2 (10 photo/post limit) Finally got the van back. Major props to Van Compass for coming through on the 3/16" front spacers needed to fit 265/75/16 Terrain Contact A/T tires. You guys rule! (They recommend doing the lift kit trimming step on stock tires, then taking it to a tire shop...
  2. lift kits in Australia

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    My Australian manufactured ford transit 2016 I've been struggling to find a place to purchase the suitable lift kit for my 2016 ford transit. has anyone got suggestions on where to look and or find a place overseas that ships any help would be greatly appreciated! cheers. Raul.