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  1. Ford Transit 350 XLT 15 Passenger Van Parts for Sale

    Ford Transit Parts
    We have 13 rear passenger seats available, complete with rails and bolts. Asking $1000. We also have the Driver and Passenger side airbags that were never deployed. (Asking $1000) Also available, the headliners from the rear door to the drivers seat. ($100) I am located in South Louisiana...
  2. Orange County CA - 350 black seats and interior items

    Ford Transit Classifieds
    I am stripping my passenger van from c pillar back of most the interior pieces. I have the middle and rear headliner with or without lights, most the rear seats available, HVAC conduits, all the plastic pieces and plugs. If something is broken I will disclose. I need to sell quick or I’ll...
  3. Now what did I break?

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    So I took down the driver compartment headliner this morning. Now the key remotes don’t work. I unplugged a lot of wires, but they only seemed attached to the rear ac unit controls and the map light. What else is up there that would effect the remotes? Thank you for your help.