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  1. Ford Transit Parts
    2018 Midroof Transit Headliners middle and rear for sale. Buy both for $500 or each one for $275 OBO Rear: 60.5 inches (L) 72.5 inches (W) Middle: 61.25 (L) 68.5 (W)
    $500 USD
  2. Ford Transit Parts
    2018 Midroof Transit Headliners middle and rear for sale. Buy both for $500 or each one for $275 OBO Rear: 60.5 inches (L) 72.5 inches (W) Middle: 61.25 (L) 68.5 (W)
    $500 USD
  3. Ford Transit Classifieds
    2018 Ford Transit Mid roof headliners. Selling both for $500 or $275 each. Can buy both or separately. Middle section: Length: 61.25 inches Width: 68.5 inches Rear section: Length: 60.5 inches Width: 72.5
    $500 USD
  4. Ford Transit Parts
    I have a stock head liner from a ‘21 high roof long Transit. It is 3 pieces and does not include the front section over the driver and passenger. Let me know if you are interested. Will not ship. Thanks!
    $2,000 USD
  5. Ford Transit Parts
    We removed the whole interior from behind the driver and passenger seat and are selling it. This is a 2020 Transit 350 Mid roof 148” WB. The interior is two tone gray panels and charcoal cloth seats. 13 rear seats with rails and floor, headliner, side panels, rear and sliding door panels, side...
    $2,000 USD
  6. Ford Transit Parts
    Just about to start tearing down a 2015 12 seater 350XL passenger van. Will have lots of stuff for sale. Seats, ducting, headliner etc. Based in BC, Canada
    $0 USD
  7. Ford Transit Parts
    Selling 3 headliners (all parts except the front) including factory lights, from my 350 XLT 15 passenger wagon with a Medium Roof. Prices for these are kind of all over the place, so I'm willing to just keep this post up and go with the best offer. They apparently retail for $1k+ per headliner...
  8. Interior
    Just bought a used 2016 passenger van that had a large office desk and swivel chair bolted to the floor. I am trying to figure out what the stains are in the headliner along the bottom edges. I have a feeling it is moisture but not sure. What are your thoughts? This van was used for an...
  9. Camper Vans and Conversions
    I have a 2016 Ford Transit Passenger and have been trying to solve a few electrical issues. After running a ton of different tests and capping any open sensors related to the airbags, I think I’ve narrowed down the root of my remaining electrical issues to removing my headliner in the cabin...
  10. Camper Vans and Conversions
    Has anyone tackled a crew van conversion yet? I'm interested in what folks are doing about the headliner and airbags. My original plan was to keep the headliner as-is, and just work on the empty back part, but now I think I'd like to remove the headliner so that I can run a new ceiling...
  11. Ford Transit Parts
    Just gutted my 2017 T 350 Medium roof 15 passenger van. Selling both left and right side rear curtain airbags for $1500. I also have the grey headliner and all air-conditioning vent flutes available for $750. I also have all interior seats (excluding driver and passenger) for $1000. My name...
  12. Ford Transit Parts
    Hey there! First off, we're new to the forum and want to say thanks to all the anonymous help we've already received from the friendly folk on this website. We just purchased a 2016 Transit 350 XLT Wagon based on a lot of great info we found here. Over the next several months we'll be...
  13. Ford Transit Parts
    Hi all, I am working on my conversion of a 2018 Transit 350 XLT. It is a Medium Roof Passenger with long wheel base. Parts that have been removed and will not be reused will be the floor seat mounts, side curtain airbags, headliners and some of the interior trim. New OEM parts from Ford are...
  14. Ford Transit Parts
    We have 13 rear passenger seats available, complete with rails and bolts. Asking $1000. We also have the Driver and Passenger side airbags that were never deployed. (Asking $1000) Also available, the headliners from the rear door to the drivers seat. ($100) I am located in South Louisiana...
  15. Ford Transit Classifieds
    I am stripping my passenger van from c pillar back of most the interior pieces. I have the middle and rear headliner with or without lights, most the rear seats available, HVAC conduits, all the plastic pieces and plugs. If something is broken I will disclose. I need to sell quick or I’ll...
  16. Ford Transit General Discussion
    So I took down the driver compartment headliner this morning. Now the key remotes don’t work. I unplugged a lot of wires, but they only seemed attached to the rear ac unit controls and the map light. What else is up there that would effect the remotes? Thank you for your help.
1-16 of 16 Results