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  1. LED bulb a bit longer than stock H11

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Good morning,. Installed some LED bulbs in my 2019 Transit. They appear to be a tad bit longer and are pushing the reflector cup forward slightly. I looked through other posts and didn't see anyone else mentioning this. Has anyone else had the same experience with LED on the low beam side...
  2. FS: New 2020 Transit Cargo Headlights; Chrome (from Exterior Upg Pkg 18D)

    Ford Transit Classifieds
    I just took delivery of a new 2020 T150 AWD in Metallic gray, and I had to get the 18D package for some reason (I forget why...maybe the 360 cameras?). I didn't like the look of the chrome headlights with the dark gray, so I replaced them with the standard non-chrome / black headlights. These...