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  1. Camper Vans and Conversions
    Big makeover week for our 2020 250 Eco! We've had more than 200 nights camping over the past 24 months, so we didn't have time for exterior makeover until now. Started with Grill removal and taking lots of chrome plastic pieces out for painting. Followed up with painting the slider rail...
  2. Exterior
    Does anyone know where you can order a Raptor Style Grill for the older models? I can easily find the 2020+ grills, but it seems the older grills just disappeared. Any help is much appreciated!
  3. Accessories and Add Ons
    Ordered the Transit Trail grill off of eBay from a Berlin seller. Did the install and added some amber grill lights as well since I was in there. Overall it wasn't too bad. Taking the front end off was easy compared to undoing all the tabs around the grill support and chrome-surround grill.
  4. Ford Transit Connect General Discussion
    just bought my first car, a 2012 tc xlt. wondering how you can take the grille and emblem/hood latch off? i bought a replacement grille. thanks
  5. Ford Transit Parts
    For sale - 2020 Ford Transit front grill with chrome trim I pulled it from my brand new Transit and replaced it with the all-black version, so it's basically new and in perfect condition. I think this is the part number: "LK4Z 17B968-CA.....Base Chrome Grille w/Fog Lamps...$896.23." This...
1-5 of 5 Results