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  1. Dealers, Purchases and Orders
    Kind of pissed off with my dealer with this whole situation at this point. I custom ordered a MY21 Ford Transit with my local Ford dealer in January of 2021. Few months go by - nothing. No build date, no updates, etc.. I finally get them to dig around a bit and they say it's held up on the...
  2. DIYs and Modifications
    Hey everyone, Made another DIY how-to video for our Transit vans, this time on flushing the brake fluid system. Doesn't require jacking up the van or removing a wheel, with a helper so you don't have to get up as often, it's as easy as an oil change! Definitely recommend to get the old acidic...
  3. Ford Transit Classifieds
    Hi, Up for sale are both the left and right side rear curtain airbags from my 2016 350 HD 15 passenger wagon van. I have read that the left and right side retail for $3500 for the pair. I will sell the pair for $950 local pickup (San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area).
  4. Ford Transit Versus The Competition
    i was driving a ford Transit 150,got it from 0km and drove till 40k km, one fine day company changed my assigned vehicle and gave me a poor condition transit 150, after driving it for some time, it's gearbox started showing trouble with a spanner symbol display on the meter panel. When i...
  5. Ford Transit Parts
    Bike Rack for Ford Transit - Coachmen and Winnebago Class B motorhome Vans for carrying 2 bicycles. Color is gray. Price: $180 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY IN SAN RAFAEL, CA LIKE NEW Platform tray foldable bike rack taken from a 2020 Coachmen Class B Motorhome Van. The owner of the new Coachmen had no...
  6. Ford Transit Parts
    We have a SwivelsRUs Driver Swivel Seat for 2015+ Transits. It is BRAND new, never used, still in its original box. We had plans to install it, but then changed our conversion design and no longer need it! It can be used for either passenger or driver side as it does not include the optional...
1-6 of 6 Results