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    Hello All, I hope I posted this in the correct location. I'm looking to buy a Transit Crew for a family of four for road trips and weekend getaways and to build bunk beds, galley, etc. It was either the crew or the passenger van because I wanted the factory installed seats. I'm currently...
  2. Ford Transit Parts
    I have a set of Waffle Patterned Protection Panels Van Wall Liners from a 2018 Ford Transit High Top Extended T-350 for sale. The Panels have been labeled and all clips, brackets and adapters have been kept and put in a zip lock bag. Panels have been used but are in great condition and ready to...
  3. Ford Transit General Discussion
    I just removed my Right and Left OEM extended door mirrors. They are heated and have the integrated turn signal. I have listed them on Ebay under # 2015-2018 Ford Transit extended door mirrors Right & Left | eBay They are easily installed using Gerry in KC