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  1. Ford Transit General Discussion
    Crickets the past 2 weeks, finally had it diagnostic at the dealership. I have 83k on the clock, thanks to this forum I’ve found out this isn’t uncommon for the EB engine. Any recommendations for an independent shop in Indianapolis? I’ve also reached out to Ford for financial assistance since...
  2. Ford Transit Troubleshooting
    My 2015 T250 Ecoboost started making a weird noise under acceleration , it sounded like when you pinch a blade of grass between your thumbs and blow over it - a harsh screech from the driver's side of the engine bay . It wouldn't make the noise if I revved it in park , or if I shifted to neutral...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    I've successfully replaced the exhaust manifolds on my 240k 2016 EcoBoost and thought some here would benefit from my learnings. There's lots of F-150 info out there, but there were some unanswered Transit-specific questions I had, and I've seen a couple other threads here that didn't fully seem...
1-3 of 3 Results