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  1. Queen Bed setup for sale. 2016 Ford Transit 350 Passenger Wagon

    Want To Buy & Looking For
    Hello, I’m selling a custom bed setup frame with queen mattress (used less than a dozen times with mattress protector and bedding). This was custom built to be modular without modifying the vehicle. Great system with storage for those looking to camp. Local pickup only 92506. $750 obo.
  2. Camper Bed Dimensional Details

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    I know the issue of north-south vs east-west beds has already been discussed at great detail on this forum, so apologies if this has already been asked. I tried to look through all of the past threads around camper beds in Transits but did not see the exact info I am looking for. What I am...
  3. We squeezed a Queen size murphy bed into our build!

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    We've been on the road fulltime now for 5 months and are still really happy with our Murphy bed. It's a simple design that only uses 2 piano hinges and plywood leaves. Thought I'd share, as I know that lots of bed questions come up here.
  4. Family Passenger Van 130 WB Conversion

    Much love to all contributors! I have been reading threads for years and finally pulled the trigger on a new 2018 MR 130 white passenger van with ecoboost. I was holding out for the 2020 AWD but Ford was kind enough to not offer the ecoboost engine in the 130 passenger van. I plan to share my...