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  1. Ford Transit General Discussion
    Hello! I wanted to thank first thank the forum for helping me peice together the parts required to get cruise control working on my works base model 2022 transit connect. Since there is no specific how to with where all of the settings for the 2022 that need to be toggled on are I figured I...
  2. Accessories and Add Ons
    I got a new transit 1500 in January. I thought it would come with speed control. It did not. Has anyone installed a speed control in their van? Ford has not been helpful at all. There is a company that has one (rosters). Does it work.
  3. Ford Transit General Discussion
    I have seen a number of posts about it, but nothing definitive.. Hoping we can shed some light on this for everyone's sake. I would love to add all these features to my base cargo Transit, but I need to be sure before I hunt down the parts that it will work. Can I swap just the steering wheel...
  4. Accessories and Add Ons
    alright so here's the short and sweet of what happened... 1. (Aug. 23) installed Rostra cruise control kit (250-9636). tested it out and it worked as intended 2. (Sep. 18) my brother and I did a brake fluid flush 3. (Sep. 19) hill start assist light and traction control light come on when engine...
1-4 of 4 Results