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  1. Weather Guard Bulkhead

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    Noob here with a 2020 T250 LR looking for help/advice. I plan to install (or have installed) the weather guard bulkhead 96301-3-01D or 96302-3-01D, with the optional door. The van is untouched and needs a floor covering in the rear as well. Do you think this is a DIY? I am not concerned with...
  2. Partitions and Side Curtain Airbags

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    I have a 2018 Transit 350 passenger van that has five row side curtain airbags. Long story short, I need to install a partition to protect myself from flying mailbags in the event of a collision, but don't want to disable the side curtain airbags. Havis makes prisoner partitions that appear to...