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battery isolator management

  1. Smart Battery Isolator Issue

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    Hello I have a Keyline 140amp Smart isolator hooked up to my 2017 Ford Transit CCP via the 60amp fuse provided. I have been using this with no problems for about 3 weeks now. Today my recreational battery system got pretty low (as the van has been sitting with not much charge) and the Keyline...
  2. Dual alternator / dual battery in 2020 camper

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Here is my question before I pull the trigger on my 2020 transit. If I order the aux fuse panel & high spec interface it comes with duel AGM batteries. The duel alternator package includes everything in the aux fuse panel package and would only be a $460 upgrade, if you subtract the cost of the...
  3. Li-BIM 225

    DIYs and Modifications
    Hope this is the right place for this question, I'm not good with these forums, anyway: I've got a 2018 Transit 250MR LWB 3.5EB with a 150a alt and single battery. I've installed 3 200W solar panels with 3 100ah Battle Born Lithium batteries. I know that pushing it to be able to keep the batts...