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  1. Electrical Design Review request - Common negative for Sterling B2B 30A and Victron BMV-702

    Ford Transit EV Electric General Discussion
    Looking for any input/ reviews of my design. Particularly I have a common negative going from starter battery negative to load side of shunt then to negative buss bar where sterling negative connects to. The negative buss bar also connects to chasis ground. Starter negative post has a convenient...
  2. Several months of non-use, B2B charger non-responsive

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    I'm green in this arena. Took my van on its maiden 4800 mile voyage in March, got cut short due to the 'Rona. I tripped the breaker off the CCP to shut everything off and it sat for over a month. When I went back into the van and reconnected the breaker (80A Bussman), my Kisae Abso DMT1250 B2B...