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  1. Awning on MR with no roof rack? Is it possible?

    DIYs and Modifications
    Hey guys! My husband and I just bought the 2020 awd transit with the medium roof and we’re in the middle of planning our build! Because we spent $$ on the van and so many other things so far we are leaning towards not spending the money on a roof rack. I love the look of having a roof rack but...
  2. Awning: Seal between Van Body and Awning Housing

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    Looking for some input from those who have awnings installed on the side of the van (as opposed to the roof). We have a Fiamma F45s on our high roof van and it functions well. However, there is a longitudinal gap between the van body and awning housing. During a recent visit to the rainy...