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  1. New Build in the N.E.

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    Hey All, First post here. After months of searching, (about 2 months ago) I picked up a 2020 148 WB EL, HR, AWD, 350 (single rear wheel) with Ecoboost or as I call it "A unicorn" (for someone who didn't place a special order with in the last year). She is straight commercial, so no real...
  2. Soon to be transit owner

    I have enjoyed this community so far! A lot of good information thank you all in advance! I am expecting delivery of 2020 transit next week (12/2/2019) that I am going to build into a ski adventure camper van, real original I know :) It is a black high roof LB AWD. Next step to think of a...