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  1. Ford T-350 Cargo to Passenger Van Conversion Parts/Kit (North Phoenix, AZ)

    Ford Transit Parts
    Hello Everyone! I bought a 2019 T-350 Med-Roof 15-seat Passenger Van and am converting to a camper van; looking to find someone who may want to do the opposite and convert their Cargo Van into a Passenger Van. Selling 13 seats and their tracks, three-piece headliner, one-piece floor cover, two...
  2. Ford Transit 350 XLT 15 Passenger Van Parts for Sale

    Ford Transit Parts
    We have 13 rear passenger seats available, complete with rails and bolts. Asking $1000. We also have the Driver and Passenger side airbags that were never deployed. (Asking $1000) Also available, the headliners from the rear door to the drivers seat. ($100) I am located in South Louisiana...
  3. Partitions and Side Curtain Airbags

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    I have a 2018 Transit 350 passenger van that has five row side curtain airbags. Long story short, I need to install a partition to protect myself from flying mailbags in the event of a collision, but don't want to disable the side curtain airbags. Havis makes prisoner partitions that appear to...
  4. New 2020 Crew; side airbag concerns with the build.

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    Finally getting my crew in 2 weeks and planning things out. It's a 148, HR, long. Anyway, I want the side airbags because I have kids riding back there, that's why I got the crew. But seeing as these are a new layout, I haven't found any information about the airbag situation. I will likely be...