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  1. Interior
    Let me know if i did it correctly... I am not sure if i did... what do you think of the color? In this episode I start to use the Nassimi Storm material and adhesive I got from PerfectFIT to coat the blank Adventure Wagon Panels for installation on my A-Frame interior kit at Just Roaming...
  2. Camper Vans and Conversions
    I decided to order a bare bones kit.... and DIY it!
  3. Camper Vans and Conversions
    Adventure Wagon makes prefabricated walls, ceilings, storage and accessory interior DIY solutions for Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter Conversion Van Builds. I recently had a chance to visit their facility and learned a lot about who they are and what they do! Adventure Wagon...
  4. Ford Transit Vehicles For Sale
    SOLD - Selling a fully built out 250 AWD (High Roof Long Wheelbase). I bought the van from Ed Bowers and had the build performed by FreedomVanGo. All miles are highway driving from Kansas and Florida pickup back to NM. It’s got VanCompass 2” lift, 5-pack leaf springs, VC skid plates, VC shock...
  5. Camper Vans and Conversions
    Any Adventure Wagon Transit owners in the SeaTac area? I am working with a Washington State cabinet maker to design and install upper cabinets in my Transit HR, but my AdWag kit is not installed yet and the builder would like to take some measurements to start planning the build. Anyone...
  6. Camper Vans and Conversions
    I reached out to AdWagon to see if they would offer the upper wall/ceiling L-track portion of their kit (6 length-wise runs) as an al a cart item. Their initial response is that you'd have to buy their full kit (semi stripped) that would still include all the panels etc for $9K. I'm curious...
1-6 of 6 Results