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  1. Ford Transit General Discussion
    I have a transit 2017 with 3.7L vehicle sat for a few weeks and went to start it up and i have hill assist and trac light on I tried to drive and brakes will randomly apply. I checked for codes and got a Abs code P1571 for plausibility brake switch fault i have some mechanical skills I have...
  2. DIYs and Modifications
    Hey everyone, I made a DIY video guide on removing the rear hub on our Transits. I had the ABS, traction control, and hill start assist lights turn on, and after reading the codes found a broken tone ring on the driver's rear hub. Since it's quite a job and I wasn't able to find many videos...
  3. Ford Transit Connect General Discussion
    Hello, Regarding my 2015 Transit Connect XL - I recently had some work done on my front right wheel bearing and after getting the van back from the shop I have the following issues: Information display reads blank "----" (odometer, estimated miles, trip miles) Speedometer will not work...
1-3 of 3 Results