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  1. Power Rear Blower with a Battery Bank

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Anyone have a clever way to power the rear blower fan with auxiliary power? Could it be as easy as adding a 12v circuit to the existing connector? I'd like to use my house battery to circulate air at night. I don't need AC and don't want to turn the key on - plus that only works for 75...
  2. FS: New 2020 Transit Cargo Headlights; Chrome (from Exterior Upg Pkg 18D)

    Ford Transit Classifieds
    I just took delivery of a new 2020 T150 AWD in Metallic gray, and I had to get the 18D package for some reason (I forget why...maybe the 360 cameras?). I didn't like the look of the chrome headlights with the dark gray, so I replaced them with the standard non-chrome / black headlights. These...
  3. 2020 Transit 150 - I want glass in my slider and rear doors... Trade for my solid panel doors? White T150 low roof, 130"

    Want To Buy & Looking For
    Hi - I am trying to find the van with everything the way I want it and you all know how that goes. Not a done deal yet, but I am likely taking possession of a 2020 White Transit 150. It's everything I wanted, except... Anyone have a slider with a window that you want to trade? Ditto for the...
  4. Vanlife- Using Factory Floor Mat

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    Hello! Looking to insulate my Ford Transit floor for Vanlife. It came with the factory felt and rubber mat that fits perfectly to the floor. I’m wondering if anyone has used this for insulation before? Was thinking of just adding subfloor on top and then vinyl floor on that. Hoping to save some...
  5. 2020 Transit Audio

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    Anyone has experience with the 2020 standard audio system (Audio Pack #18: AM/FM stereo, Bluetooth, Dual USB ports and a 4" Multi-Function Display.)? Can I connect my mobile phone to it through Bluetooth to make/receive calls and play music from the phone? Do I need Audio Pack #19: AM/FM Stereo...
  6. Dual alternator / dual battery in 2020 camper

    Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Here is my question before I pull the trigger on my 2020 transit. If I order the aux fuse panel & high spec interface it comes with duel AGM batteries. The duel alternator package includes everything in the aux fuse panel package and would only be a $460 upgrade, if you subtract the cost of the...
  7. New 2020 Transit Order

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    I'm new to the Forum and apologize if this question has been asked before but I'm about to order a 2020 Transit and would appreciate feedback on the specific options that are required/desired for a camper conversion. Most of the information that I've seen and greatly appreciated (Orton Transit...
  8. Soon to be transit owner

    I have enjoyed this community so far! A lot of good information thank you all in advance! I am expecting delivery of 2020 transit next week (12/2/2019) that I am going to build into a ski adventure camper van, real original I know :) It is a black high roof LB AWD. Next step to think of a...