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  1. Dealers, Purchases and Orders
    Title says most of it. I am in a position where I need to sell my 2020 Medium Roof Transit after using it as a camper for the last year. I'm listing it for private sale but I am also wondering if anyone here has any knowledge on how dealerships would usually treat a converted van. Would they...
  2. Interior
    My husband and I own a Ford transit 150 and love it. I love how it drives and it fits in our garage…no other transit will. We wanted to know if there is any different bench configuration that would be possible to install that might allow for 11 passengers instead of 10. I imagine that even if...
  3. Ford Transit Vehicles For Sale
    Selling my 2018 Transit 150 Cargo, Medium Roof, 130"WB(regular), 3.5L V6 EcoBoost(turbo gas), Magnetic Gray Metallic. Only ~5400 miles! I custom-spec'd/ordered my van from Ed Bowers (crewvanman) at Matt Ford in MO--down the street from the Transit plant. Such an awesome guy to deal with; he...
1-3 of 3 Results