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Transit 250 3.31 limited slip, Mid Roof, 148” w/b
Blue Jeans
power short mirrors with turn signals, vinyl seats, fixed rear and slider glass, sync radio
The van I ordered was never built, made some compromises and saved some money and wound up buying a nice van off a lot in CT! Excited to start my build!
2019 Ford Transit 250 3.31 limited slip, Mid Roof, 148” w/b (Blue Jeans)


EcoBoost 3.5, after long deliberation made this choice not only for gas economy but also for the peppy pick up!
Hate cloth seats so I’m happy to have the vinyl, right now it’s so naked inside! Though the wall paneling that came with the van with a “carbon fiber” look to it really is pretty nice and I’m considering using it in the build. Build will include a 3 burner stove with oven, deep sink with electric plumbing, fold out couch to a full sized bed, composting toilet and an installed style refrigerator in. Agalley style kitchen. Perhaps some full height storage as well, though the bench will have so much space in it I may not need that.
When it arrives plan is to keep the exterior clean for stealth camping and just to not draw attention! There will be 250w of solar on the roof (2-100w and 1-50w pannels). I will also most likely mount a rear door ladder as well, I mean who doesn’t want to go on their roof! No roof rack though I plan to thread four eyehooks into the pre threaded rail mount holes on the roof for potentially a custom clip on canvas awning and general tie down needs. Other than that the plan is black and blue on the outside. I stayed away from the chrome and plan on paining the stock silver rims (with hub caps) gloss black upon arrival.
To begin I’ll stick with factory radio package 21, six speakers was a worthwhile upgrade but most entertainment will be piped through my iPad. Some plans for television, but I have better things I can be doing on the road!
Stock, GVWR 9000, went with the 250, figure loaded down with the camper build it would be worth the extra support!
Wheel and Tire
Stock, though upon arrival I WILL Be painting the stock silver rims (with hub caps) charcoal. I’ll use steel wool to remove the finish, tape up the lug nuts, cut a cardboard ring to protect the tires and simply be careful with charcoal rustoleum.



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