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Transit 250 Long High Roof
Oxford White
Interior Upgrade, Interior Cargo Protection
In early 2015 I was financially ready to order a 250 High Roof! I was unable to get someone to order it for me. So a surly young man who had already sent me pics of a completely different Van than I described! He calls from 6 hours away and says I think I got your van. I said can you send me some pictures please? No! I said what! He said it’s on another lot, I said then go get me some photos please. I can’t. What! So he emails me a pic of the window sticker and in his haste included the VIN number!
He said he would call back in 10. I gave him 15, punched the VIN into Google and ther was the van I wanted to order, only missing two things, I really wanted, a Limited Slip Rear-End and Upfitter Switches. It was loaded except for Navigation which was not on my list, and the price was great. So I called the dealership, got a great person Named Cody Grey, Asked about the Van, and he said, sounds like you almost ordered it. He says, please come buy it. I ordered it to early and put dealer extras on it, but this is cattle country and my customers want trucks, they won’t even look at the van. Well he was 500 miles away, and in 20 minutes I had pics, and a super deal! TexStar Ford in Stephenville TX. SW of Dallas. Great people! He got me even more extras, tint, remote start, the Heavy Heavy duty, Alternator. Which I was told by three parts guys, there is not one in America right now. Cody found the only ONE! Great place, parts people are helpful and nice! Highly Recommend. Dodged golf ball hail and my first tornado coming home!
2015 Ford Transit 250 Long High Roof (Oxford White)


3.5 Ecoboost. Love it.
Still have not installed the Super heavy duty Alternator! Wanted to do it quickly so I could sell the heavy duty, nearly new. Soon.
The Van was bought 3 years ago in April of 2015. It only has 23k miles on it!
Wife took apar all my hard work, before giving me back the Van?
So I did something completely different.
I did a Murphy Style bed up High, that holds Queen Futon and bedding on Drivers side, long ways. When folded up it is straight up and down. When down you have a walk way back to Passenger Rear Door. And with the right chairs which I have, You can sit under the bed. Sets up in seconds. Back together in a couple minutes because gotta make the bed!
I wanted Stealth, but I really like having a Window on slider. This is my 4th van so Sportmobile of Austin, put in the only openeable windows available at the time. That fit the curve on slider.
It’s nice. I also had them put in a Tiny Slider, over my left shoulder on driver side.
I thought I wanted glass in the rear doors and got it, if I was to do it again, No glass in rear. So I could have a choice of small of openable ones.
Thought about advertising for a trade in doors after installing Fantastic Fan ventilation was not such an issue.
My dealer took the liberty of having the upper windshield tinted down to the A line. I’m really glad he did.
Also have a FF vent cover.
Wheel and Tire
I recently finally put the bigger tires I wanted on it! It looks great! Discount Tire would not offer anything but crap in tiny size. Went to a family owned independent and got what I wanted Hankook LT245/75R16’s!
Yes I said Hankooks! I have found that non dealer Hankooks are the best tire I can buy for my climate and the asphalt in SW! After being disappointed 3 times on big name truck tires. The last ten Years of the 15 I’ve lived here Hankooks or nothing! It can be 120 plus in the shade for weeks, then cool down to 110, for 3 months! Those Kooks last! Very mild trim to fit.
Stock rims, For Stealth.


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