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I am an artist and traveling musician. I had a 2003 Sprinter Dually that I converted into a Stealth Camper Van which was amazing. I spent a great deal of time and money making this into my dream van. I bought it used for a good price and put over 100k on it. However, the repairs were insane. Especially the sensors that continuously acted up, limp mode.. No help from Dodge - big money spent at Mercedes.

I had a bad EGR, worn out front end and a 5,000 mile tour booked. So I sacrificed my dream van for a new Nissan NV200. The Transits were not out yet and I think there was an 8 month delay after the proposed release.. I couldn't afford a brand new one anyway. The Nissan was in my price range. I traded my Sprinter with 300k miles with about $15k invested for $3k.. ugh.

But I had a brand new van that would make the trip and many more. So I did a quick bed build and loaded it up with my gear and headed from Chicago to Cali. I went along the border and explored the US. The first van was totaled while I was in a bar in Chicago playing my set and I was so screwed by the insurance that the only thing I could afford was another Nissan... I had gigs to get to and no time to do a new set up. Between the two vans I had 200k. It was the worst vehicle I have ever owned and for a guy that spends a lot of time driving it was torture...

I just got my Transit used for a really good price (15k under new sticker price) and I couldn't be happier. I had to do a 12hr round trip drive to pick her up but it was such a difference in ride on the way back. I am aware of the quirks of this van but believe me coming from where I have been in vanlife this thing feels like a big Caddy.
2015 Ford Transit Wagon (Magnetic)


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