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Transit 350 MR Wagon
Race Red
302A, 3.73 ratio regular Axle X73, 9,000 GVWR pkg, Trailer Tow pkg, 10 way pwr drivers seat, heavy duty alt, 50 st emissions and rev park aid
My wife and I Bought this Van for our handicapped son who is 26 years old and was born with Spina Bifida and a host of other problems. He is one of the strongest St. Louis Cardinals fan and goes to 2-3 games a year. His previous van was a 95 Chevy G20 SWB Sport Conversion van, that someone had put a lift in, which was given to him by his Grandpa after his Grandma died (who it was bought for originally). It worked great for him till he Scoliosis surgery (he was at 78 degrees) a few years back, we had not even thought about his height untill we was loading him and he wouldn't fit in he had gained 6+ inches, he cannot take anything by mouth due to being unable to swallow so he his chair would tilt just enough for him to fit in. My wife and I are in poor health and cannot get down to latch him down or handle the trip any longer so when I saw one of these Transits we started looking for him just the right one and GOD blessed us with this find which is perfect, we had the lift put in the rear so that he can now just roll right in without having to lay way back in his chair. After driving it I believe we can take him to more games now.
2016 Ford Transit 350 MR Wagon (Race Red)


Tinted windows and front brow, Wheelchair lift.
None yet.



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