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About 95% is held up with magnets.

Bed sheets and reflectix up top - black stretch mesh over the windows (acts like a two way mirror).

Even the lower side panels taken out of T1 (Aqualung) are held up with magnets.

Neodymium Countersunk Hole Magnets ....

If you double stack them they can hold up both the cloth and the reflectix to the roof.

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I used plus nuts and 1/4 x 2" PVC strips on the bottoms of the roof ribs. Mostly to be able to find the plus nuts for mounting things after they were covered up. I used 7mm hole retainers to tack the cloth and reflectix to the holes in the sides of the roof ribs. I used doubled magnets to keep the cloth and reflectix from sagging in between the roof ribs. No adhesive anywhere in the van so far.

It's not permanent, but that's the point. I wanted to see how it would work out with the cargo window van without going the "fully insulated" route. I spent enough time living out of the bay window VW buses that it seemed like overkill for my uses. I spent one week up in Vermont around Christmas sleeping under a down quilt. Had to use an ice scrapper to get the condensation off the inside of the windshield. Took awhile for the heater to get going .... ;=]