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  1. rear seating

    I am with you all sadly. Ford effectively shut out a whole buyer segment with the seat thing. These wagons will only work for shuttle biz and maybe 10-kid families. Not those of us looking for a utilitarian multi purpose family hauler.
  2. rear seating

    To corroborate jme3505, I heard this from Ken Wilson Ford who has a wagon in stock: The seats that are removable are the back row closest to the the back doors. With them removed you have 68 inches in length and 5 feet across in cargo space. Leaving all the seats in gives you a cargo space of...
  3. It looks like the passenger vans are on sale now

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    I emailed the second one to ask which seats are removable. Will report back.
  4. Invoice Pricing for All Members!

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    Too bad the incentives look to only apply to in-stock vehicles. Wonder what incentives will be available when the wagons start showing up?
  5. NV Camper Build Pics

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    Wow thats a beautiful job.good use of space and materials.
  6. rear seating

    Well that is quite interesting! Maybe there is hope yet for the seat question. What was the source for this?
  7. Hello From an up and coming Michigan Commercial Ford Dealer!

    Aaron, In case you have access to inside info, these are hot topics for a number of us looking for a capable "crew van" or family wagon: 1. What is the reason (mechanical, legal, or otherwise) for the difference in GCWR and Tow Capacity of the Wagon from the Van with otherwise identical...
  8. rear seating

    Yep, getting close to deciding on a Transit but this will stop me cold if holds true for production wagons. I want the seats of the Nissan NV and the towing of the Cargo in a Transit Wagon :(
  9. Towing capacity: van vs wagon

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Agreed. Well I guess we can only wait and see, unless someone here has access to factory info.
  10. Towing capacity: van vs wagon

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Thanks, I'm right with you. I don't think the wagon's outfitting should change GVWR/GCWR ceiling. The seats and paneling would only decrease payload capacity but not affect the overall weight rating if I understand how that works. So I think you're right in that there are spring differences...
  11. Towing capacity: van vs wagon

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    FWIW I read the fine print at the bottom and a little googling for the transit towing guide turned this up, which shows the same data in a different way. The GCWR is the breakout, so I'm still curious...
  12. Towing capacity: van vs wagon

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    I'm looking into a wagon but want to maximize tow rating. I've reviewed the 72 page doc and everything else I can find, but still unsure if there's a way to get into the ~7k tow rating with a wagon. Anyone have a guess as to why the wagons are all way below the van with the same chassis and...
1-12 of 12 Results