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  1. Reversible bench seat

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    The Transit seats don't recline very far. For your project, you might want to go to a wrecking yard and get the middle seat and floor mounts off a minivan. Do a little research and see if a particular model has seats that do what you want.
  2. Tesla CyberTruck

    Off Topic
    Blending in and being anonymous is my jam. Old Russian proverb; the nail that sticks up gets hammered down. The white van seems to do the trick of meeting most of my transport needs while not sticking out like a Kardashian's plastic surgery lips (and other ass-ets). The aluminum panel trucks...
  3. Air Filter Nightmare

    Ford Transit Service
    I didn't ignore the driver side, I wrapped the harness with a used plastic bread bag and some zip ties to hold it on. Working perfect for almost 3 years now.
  4. Tesla CyberTruck

    Off Topic
    I'm not saying these are great things, I'm saying that you'll soon see them on other pickups, and maybe cars. The built in bed ramp is cool, though. Getting a refrigerator on a dolly into the bed would be a lot easier. I have ramps for that for my van, but you wouldn't need to haul them around...
  5. 2nd row custom seating - Seattle area

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    Installing stock seats in a cargo van is not difficult, and can easily be done in the same manner as from the factory. There are numerous threads about this. The issue lies not in whether they will be safe, it is whether it would be legal, and if your insurance company would cover occupants in...
  6. OEM 6-lug, 6 x 180-mm wheels on 2020 AWD Transit

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    From a design/fabrication viewpoint it makes sense to design around universal parts. It would be GREAT if Ford made the Transit and F series pickups to share wheels, rotors, calipers etc. That would greatly cut down on the production cost. Maybe the components would be overkill on some of the...
  7. Tesla CyberTruck

    Off Topic
    Some of the features on the CyberTruck that should filter down to other trucks: The tailgate ramp Stainless/composite sandwich body panels Integrated storage (already a thing) tire-overlapping hubcaps (I don't like them from a design standpoint, they are all show with no purpose, but look for...
  8. Trying to decide

    Congrats! I was a pickup guy, and am now a van guy. I may be a pickup guy again at some point.
  9. Alternatives to traditional cabinets

    Camper Vans and Conversions
    I've used the shoe hangers from Ikea for quite a while. This system works pretty good for a lot of different things. Thule design allows for things that are NOT shoe sized!
  10. Tesla CyberTruck

    Off Topic
    I think the motivation is about consumer demand. EVs are super cheap to operate, and people seem to enjoy spending less money, AND having cars that can outrun the police, for some reason. Just imagine if the General Lee was an EV, Boss Hog never would have had a chance. (insert knee-jerk...
  11. Tesla CyberTruck

    Off Topic
    Since most discussion of the CyberTruck is basically a beauty contest, here's the CyberTruck competitors: Bollinger jeep-looking thing; 4x4 and just as flat-paneled as CyberTruck Rivian; sleek and viable design Atlis; more realistic and practical design for people who don't like things to...
  12. Tesla CyberTruck

    Off Topic
    But back to CyberTruck; Elon or someone, but probably Elon, has been driving it all over Los Angeles. And he's constantly breaking the law, because he's the Bad Boy Billionaire. Running red lights, changing lanes without a blinker, speeding have all been video documented. Not to mention simply...
  13. Tesla CyberTruck

    Off Topic
    You know, it doesn't really make a difference in EVs. You can have either from the same motor system; but obviously if you go 0-60 in 3 seconds your range will be reduced a bit. Kind of like ICE vehicles. Except an engine that makes an ICE go 0-60 that fast cannot achieve very good mpg at...
  14. Tesla CyberTruck

    Off Topic
    I don't understand; why can't they go very far or over the rockies etc? I get it about the camp trailer, hardly any camp trailer is going to go down a rough dirt road unless built for that purpose. I also do not camp in campgrounds if at all possible, but the vast majority of people with...
  15. Tesla CyberTruck

    Off Topic
    For the tailgater with their highbeams on, I adjust my side and rear mirrors to send it directly back at them. On my pickups I always installed rear work lights, and I would turn those on.
  16. Tesla CyberTruck

    Off Topic
    Yes Sprinter Owner, the CybrerTruck is not for YOU. But for 98% of Merikun pickup owners it does everything their current pickup does for them right now. Most people don't drive 500 miles in a day, but if they do, they'll need a gas/diesel pickup, or be willing to stop and eat and pee during the...
  17. Removing headlines on a wagon fastest way.

    In case anyone is wondering, that little ( ! ) in the box at the bottom of a post is used to report prohibited posts
  18. 2020 - What would you have wanted?

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    It is a good point about the longer wheelbase making center clearance over humps even more limited. Steep driveways will probably cause it to bottom out as it transitions from the slope to the flat.
  19. Tesla CyberTruck

    Off Topic
    Yes, when I first saw it I thought it was a joke and ol' Elon was going to bring out something else and say "gotcha". That wasn't the case, and oddly, the design is growing on me. The base model price is right in line with F-150 with similar equipment. I can't find any info on how much the...
  20. NEW updates on the Ford Transit Driveshaft Coupling

    Ford Transit General Discussion
    "carrying capacity reduced" from a mobility upfitter is usually in reference to the extra weight of the equipment they added. If you have a capacity of 3500lbs and they added 1000lbs of equipment, you now have a reduced capacity of 2500lbs. (numbers are made up in my head, but you get the idea)
1-20 of 489 Results