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      You only need the Smartpass for bigger battery banks and the possibility of charging over 20 amps.

      You can get a 120 vlt switch that will distribute either shore power or inverter.

      I have the Ctek (with Smartpass) it's been great.

      I just saw a new unit made by the same people that made my inverter, KISAE. They have a brand new system out that looks really slick.
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      If solar charger neg was on batt side of shunt, the shut would not be monitoring amps in/out of batt via solar charger. In the case there was no +12v load on the batt, the solar charger could charge the batt even though the shunt would not see that flow.

      Not sure why there is an extra neg connection headed north from neg bus bar. You already have that connection via the left most conn to the bus bar.

      Not sure what "battery protect" is.

      Assume your Xanex inverter auto switches to allow shore power thru to the load side if it is available. See a thread I posted a cpl hours ago regarding the Magnum inverter shorting shore power neutral & gnd in case that applies to you (when inverting, the van chassis is connected to 120V neutral.... not sure if that is an issue or not.

      The cable from negative bus towards the van battery is only 10 AWG for the Sterling BB1230 charger. Load on the house battery requires 100A breaker and 4 AWG cable. I figure there ought to be the same gauge to ground. I'm not sure what gauge Ford used at the van battery (probably substantial). No harm in having the Sterling cable be oversized and eliminating the extra ground. Decision to be made when laying out the components.

      Battery Protect is a Victron component that automatically disconnects the battery if voltage gets too low.

      I agree that issue with the Magnum neutral doesn't sound right. All the leads on the Xantrex switch have three wires. Grounding plug to the inverter AC, black/white/green lead to shore AC circuit, black/white/green to AC-outlets.
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