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      nice compact sink drain:

      Hubby's N/S bed will use the cabinet as a headboard; and his feet (and our small dog) will fit under my E/W bed at the very back. I'm still debating how my bed will go together - the plan changes about every 2 weeks or so....

      We have been asked to design a N/S bed for the 148WB so will have a design for that shortly.
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      That sink looks about right , not to big or small ….what size is that and where did
      you buy that ? Thanks
      This is the sink we installed. I bought it on Amazon first; but it wasn't the right model and I re-ordered it somewhere else.

      I like this drain because it has a small catch that helps keep food from going down the tube - less stuff in the gray tank.

      Since it's a pain to piece together all the bits... there's a 1" ID hose attached to the drain barb which then goes into a Hepvo Valve, that connects to Home-Depot plastic drain bits directly into the gray tank. Hepvo helps keep the smell down - I tried without it and it made a difference.

      Extra note: in our rig, the gray tank is inside our galley (thus, inside the van) and there was a smell at times which I eventually realized was from the vent on the tank. I routed the vent (via 1/2" hose) out a hole in the bottom of the van (through the side-wall area) and no more smells.

      Just realized I never updated our build thread with the newly-rebuilt and re-plumbed galley. If photos would help, let me know and I'll get on it.
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