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      Don't forget that with the 3M foam you also need the gun to pump it. It's basically an epoxy foam, two parts that mix. I used it to seal the edges of my floor, and it is freakin awesome. Happy to loan you my applicator gun, but you'd have to come pick it up in Tahoe :)
      If only there were some good skiing down there. :cool:

      But seriously, I'm glad to hear you're happy with the product. How much did you end up using to seal your floor edges, and did you also use it in the lower van wall cavities? That seems like an area that could use filling in once all the wiring and plumbing is in place.

      You mentioned that you ordered the zip system? Where did you order it from? I am in a smaller town so none of my local stores have it and they can't seem to order it. Project is coming along nicely. Thanks for your time and documentation.
      We ordered it and picked up from Parr Lumber in Bend, Oregon. Distributor search here: Where to Buy | Huber Engineered Woods

      And you're welcome! I find keeping a running journal like this, with audience feedback, to be very motivating and much more coherent than trying to remember a bunch of FB/IG posts.
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