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      The Xantrex switch is used to provide AC power either from shore power (if plugged in) or from inverter. If plugged in to shore power, all AC power in van comes from shore (so as to not pull from inverter, and therefore house batteries). If not plugged in to shore power, AC power is from inverter. It senses the incoming source and does this (switches) automatically which is very nice!

      The 30A fuse on solar input seems excessive. I have 2 - 100w panels and am using a 20A inline fuse. The most I have seen from solar so far is around 8 amps (although I haven't had the house batteries drawn down too much since my solar was installed).

      I would probably go with a breaker between the CCP and battery switch..or have the fuse easily accessible to be able to change if needed.
      Cool, thanks - I think I will add the Xantrex and do the breaker.

      Good point

      In that case, to simplify, something like a BlueSea 7035 - 25 Amp Circuit breaker/switch should work. Two styles are available.
      Thanks, I have a few of these already: [ame][/ame]

      Do you think that will work, or is the 187-series you linked better for this application?
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