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      2020 High-Extended AWD EcoBoost Cargo with windows
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      I will be installing a few 12V "cigarette lighter" style sockets for utility use. For example, laptop chargers and CPAP machines that use 12V car adapters. In the past I've had trouble with these sockets being too loose. Please reply if you know a brand or model that seems better than the rest. Ideally with quick connect tabs on the back.

      A Powerwerx plut with a Powerwerx adapter is also a possibility Powerwerx to cigarette lighter female adapter It's another cable to keep handy, but with that adapter if the connection gets loose it's possible to just tape the two cigarette lighter components together.

      I'll also have some USB-A sockets. In case you are interested, the Blue Sea System one are a bit pricey, but only have a 1 mA parasitic draw, so I'm planning to just leave them switched on most of the time 4.8 amp Blue Sea System charging port

      I'm sure that others have had this question before, but I was not able to locate a post specifically on this.
      We've used the cheap-o and the less cheap-o units. The Blue Sea units are pretty nice. But these units are nearly as good. different mount plates. We had USB adapters but realized that they're rarely as good as the various inserts available for the 12V sockets - can get high-power / fast-charge units that work with whatever phone or device much better than the basic USBs. FTR, even stuff like this one don't charge as fast as stuff like this.

      With that said, still used these outlets with USB in them for all the 120VAC stuff. Not fast charging, but not wasted space, either.

      Also have this 12-volt to 4-port USB that's powering the WiFi/internet router and a couple other full-time USB devices.

      And... also have cut off the 12V plug things and replaced them with Andersons and used this outlet setup for those.
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