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12 Volt DC Dimmer Switch for LED, Halogen, Incandescent - RV, Auto, Truck, Marine, and Strip Lighting (Large Slider, Black)

$38 USD
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12 Volt Dimmer Switch Is Available in Turn, Slider, and Large Slider Styles 12 Volt DC Dimmer. Dims up to 60 watts (4.2 amps) of incandescent, halogen, or LED lighting reducing heat and power drain on batteries Commonly used for lights in RVs, Buses, Horse Trailer Conversions, Haulers, Travel Trailers, Boats and anywhere 12 volt DC power is present. Fits in small spaces. Available in Black, White, Almond, and Brown Engineered and manufactured in the USA

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@dinocarsfast I really like your implementation to put a timer on the puck lights, having recently inadvertently run down my batteries. Currently we run the puck lights off the ... more
I used this one, it's was a little hard to program because the manual was wrong for the one shot program mode, I can't remember but I think the output was inverse for something ... more

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