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12 Volt DC Dimmer for LED, Halogen, Incandescent - RV, Auto, Truck, Marine, and Strip Lighting - Long Shaft - Black

$30 USD
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12 Volt DC Dimmer. Dims up to 60 watts (4.2 amps) of incandescent, halogen, or LED lighting reducing heat and power drain on batteries For new custom installations or to replace an existing on/off switch in an RV lamp fixture to create low-light ambiance Perfect for RVs, trailers, boats, cars, trucks, or anywhere 12 volt DC power is present. Fits in small spaces where other dimmers can't Package includes: dimmer assembly, 3 wire nuts, optional diode for fan speed control, and quick start instructions. Available in 2 shaft lengths. This item is the long shaft model Engineered and manufactured in the USA

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I also was looking for individually controlled lights but was unable to find anything that would work. I ended up installing four of these lights: [link] I used these dimmer switches ... more
I opted for a "Neon" led rope light around the back of the van with a dimmer: [link] [link] Also have 2 of these "chart lights" that are dimmable and switch white/red for personal ... more

Brian. mentioned in Sourcing a reliable light dimmer?

I've been nothing but happy with this dimmer: [link] Only have the one, running "neon" led rope lights, but well over 30 nights in the van where that's the only light source and ... more
I installed one today. The LED's buzz like CRAZY! not the dimmer, the LEDs. I used these LED's: [link] Is the problem the LEDs? Do I need a dimmable version? I will put the halogens ... more

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