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12/24V DC Dual USB Charger 4.8A with Intelligent Device Recognition

$47 USD
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Intelligent device recognition allows rapid charging of phones, tablets, or other mobile devices Charges at the speed required by specific devices Internal filtering for reduced electronic interference Over temperature protection Protective dust cap keeps debris and moisture out Conformal coated circuit board for the harsh marine environment Mounts in a common 1-1/8" hole

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I will be installing a few 12V "cigarette lighter" style sockets for utility use. For example, laptop chargers and CPAP machines that use 12V car adapters. In the past I've had trouble with these sockets being too loose. Please reply if you know a brand or model that seems better than the rest. Ideally with quick connect ... more
We used these cheapies. [link] Didn't really put too much thought into them really. I did want to avoid the parasitic draw, so no fancy lights in these. For the past 18 months, they've worked without issue.
We've used the cheap-o and the less cheap-o units. The Blue Sea units are pretty nice. But these units are nearly as good. different mount plates. We had USB adapters but realized that they're rarely as good as the various inserts available for the 12V sockets - can get high-power / fast-charge units that work with whatever ... more

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