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10 in. Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

$120 USD
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The 45 deg. tilting blade on this compound miter saw results in precise bevel, miter and compound cuts. The saw makes smooth, accurate cuts in moldings, 2 x 4’s, PVC and other materials. The 10 in. blade on this miter saw cuts thicker sections of wood. Powerful 15 amp motor Makes precision cross, bevel and miter cuts 45 deg. left bevel design Precision miter and bevel guides

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@Lukef , the aluminum cuts very easily with a mitre saw. If you have a wood-working mitre saw, you should be able to replace the blade with a metal one and you're good to go. Technically, ... more
I am using 80/20 in my build and am using a low cost miter saw. Works a treat. Use a "non ferrous metal" blade from Home Depot and lubricate the cut with WD40 or brake rotor cleaner ... more
Did you use regular or lock washers with the bolts? I like your solution. Thank you.

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