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10 Amp Mini Timer Time Delay Relay .2 Sec to 400 Days 6V 12V 18V. Power On Off Delay, Cycling and Trigger. and Programmer.

$40 USD
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UNIVERSAL TIMER - Universal Timer delay module allows delaying power or disconnecting power after preset period of time. PRECISE - The circuit utilizes an embedded micro controller so the time delay is precisely repeated every time. TIME SETTINGS - Can be set to delay On or Off or cycle power and much more. MADE IN USA - Made in the United States. MULTIPLE USES - Ready to use 12v 10 amp timer. Great for amplifier delay, industrial control, hobby projects, etc.

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sschefer mentioned in Steve's 2016 Transit Redo

I got the little timer relay installed and it's working perfectly. The 10amp version that I bought is available on Amazon for 19.95 currently at: [link] The website is at: [link] ... more
Orton, try one of these: [link] I use one to delay my B-B charger by 180 seconds so the battery can recover from start sequence before the B-B load gets at it.

sschefer mentioned in Couple of goodies that can help.

This first item is a temp sensor. You can use it to control fans and such that you need to turn on only when needed. I'm using this to control air flow at my fridge. I use a small, ... more

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