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1 Gallon 135 PSI Ultra Quiet Hand Carry Jobsite Air Compressor

$160 USD
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This FORTRESS® ULTRA QUIET Series Air Compressor is 80% quieter and up to 50% lighter than other compressors in its class. Don't let the small size fool you - this professional quality air compressor delivers up to 28% more runtime than similar jobsite compressors. The compressor has an integrated control panel with easy-to-read gauges and a built-in quick connect coupler for easy one-handed hose connection. Oil-free pump for no-maintenance operation Ultra quiet 57 dBA operation is up to 80% quieter than similar jobsite compressors Brushless 4-pole induction motor lowers heat and friction to deliver up to 2x longer life* Compact and lightweight, this compressor delivers 0.7 SCFM @ 90 PSI with a max pressure of 135 PSI for up to 28% more runtime** Full protective roll cage protects vital components Easy-access ball drain valve

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I do not have air bags. Needed air for van tires and e-bike tires. Instead of installing a fixed DC air system I bought a 120 volt AC portable compressor. Much less expensive and no installation of air lines or electrical. 1 Gallon 135 PSI Ultra Quiet Hand Carry Jobsite Air Compressor (
I was considering this option (still kind of am) but the major trade off with that option is they take up allot of interior space, mounting the tank under the van frees up allot of room for other gear.

orton mentioned in Selecting an air compressor?

Consider a portable 120 volt AC compressor. I looked at all the expensive DC compressors that require high amperage DC power and required installation time. Decided on a HF AC compressor that I could use in the van or somewhere else. What I bought: [link] Runs fine on my1000 watt house inverter and quality looks good.

njvagabond mentioned in Selecting an air compressor?

On sale at HF for $110 (reg $140) this week.
Another choice to lift the platform: 2 Air Lift Dominator D2600 Air Bags Single Port 1/2"npt Air Springs Suspension | VEVOR US For an air compressor I use a quiet 120 volt from harbor freight: 1 Gallon 135 PSI Ultra Quiet Hand Carry Jobsite Air Compressor (
You might want to consider a portable 120 volt AC compressor powered by your house inverter. No electrical or installation required and less expensive. Also can be used at home since it is portable. Disadvantage is space required to store it. I lucked out because i had an existing storage location where it just fit. Runs ... more
Thanks Orton.I saw your post about this solution in another air compressor thread. I guess what turns me off is the space to store it. Maybe I could get by with a tankless version, if one exists, that can fit underneath?
Harbor Freight Fortress 1 gallon. 1 Gallon 135 PSI Ultra Quiet Hand Carry Jobsite Air Compressor ( Was easier to use 120v AC with 1000 watt inverter. No plumbing. ... more

orton mentioned in Pneumatic water pump?

A couple of different ideas to consider: I had a typical RV water pump in the Sprinter build. Did not like the noise, huge space required or the possibility of a pressurized water system leaking my whole fresh water tank into the van. For Transit conversion I bought a very small 12 volt DC solar centrifugal water pump. ... more
I had too many lights in the Sprinter build. Thought about where I actually needed lights in Transit build. Removed the four Ford LED lights reused them powered by the house battery. One above the rear doors with switch next to it. One above shower with switch up high on shower wall. Two above the sink with switch on side ... more

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