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1/2 in. 150 ft. Split Wire Loom - Black

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When wires become entangled they are safety hazards, for both the equipment and the owner. Gardner Bender offers a variety of products for protection and neatness. As the needs of professional electricians change in managing wire and cable, Gardner Bender continues to deliver innovative solutions. Corrugated tubing protects hoses, wire and cables from cuts, abrasions and UV wear. Split down the center for wire breakout where needed. Tube can be cut to shorter lengths as needed. Polyethylene slit loom has become one of the most popular conduits for holding groups of wires in position and protecting the wires against abrasion or crushing. Excellent for managing cords for electronics, under hood or trailer wiring When bent or twisted the split basically remains closed Corrugated for added flexibility Quickly and easily wraps around wire

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maia mentioned in BUILD THREAD: Miracle Whip

I don't have an issue fishing the Ancor marine wire in split loom through van cavities. Plenty flexible and plenty of space for my runs. It just takes a long time to put the wire through the loom. That's the way part I would love tips on. Getting the wire inside the loom.

orton mentioned in BUILD THREAD: Miracle Whip

95% of my cords are outside the walls and inside the cabinets. Have one cord for the water pump in the wall and one cord for the Maxxair in the ceiling. Two cords for a short distance in the ceiling for LED lights. Three cords in the floor insulation from driver side to the passenger side. The rest are inside the cabinets. ... more
Wrap two or three turns of pvc tape on a square cut wire end with 1/8" past the wire end to "round" the end. Hand straighten the first two feet of wire, insert and push in a ways. Then straighten the loom and use the " accordian " nature of the loom with one hand feeding and advancing the loom and the other one the loom. ... more

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