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1/16 in. T x 3/4 in. W x 9/16 in. H x 96 in. L Aluminum C-Channel

$15 USD
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Gather everything you need to harness a door frame with these Aluminum C-Channels. They are versatile and able to be cut into custom requirements for your project. They are generally used for wire protection and harnessing too and are rectangular metal channels that come in a variety of sizes and materials. The sturdy steel construction is long-lasting and also available in aluminum.

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Looks like it should be pretty easy to resolve - perhaps even with Home Depot parts. If you look at the mount they sent, it's using a square tube for strength. Start with that premise. Let's find a square metal tube similar in size-ish to the included one but take it from cross-member to cross-member. On the cross-members, ... more is a great place for metals and plastic raw material. Coupons available for your email address, too.

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