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  • yelnam ·
    Sorry i missed your message. If you still want to chat about CCV, pmail me at [email protected] In short, I really really like the CCV top. And as you may have heard, they are not great to deal with in terms of communication. but worth it.

    Trialsalot ·
    Bill, Hello, I am Tom Kawecki "Trialsalot". This may be my 2nd message to you, not sure the 1st one worked.

    I saw from your July Post that you are installing a CCV pop-top. I am planning a Transit or Sprinter next year and I'd like a CCV pop-top I'm doing advance planning. I have a couple questions if you do not mind ....
    1.) How was your experience with CCV......are you happy with their product? I live in MD which makes it hard for me to do homework on CCV. I will visit them if I get some good CCV reports.
    2.) Do you have a Low roof or Medium roof Transit? I would need to get a Medium roof transit to get my motorcycle thru the Transit rear door. I wonder how difficult it would be to access the pop-top bed on the Medium roof model?... the Med roof Transit has a 7" higher interior height over the standard roof sprinter.

    Thanks very much for your help ......Tom
    first2wins ·
    I am going through the "alternate tires" thread and noticed you are getting a Quigley conversion. Have you gotten yours yet and have you changed out the tires? I picked my Quigley up in January and am finally getting it on the beach. It is doing ok but I am thinking wider tires will be much better on the sand.

    Jason from PA
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