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  • bmet ·
    One other thing I wanted to mention is that early last year, right before the powertrain expired, I had the passenger side exhaust manifold changed because two of the mounting bolts had sheared off of their own accord. This caused a chirping whine under excelleration, which sounded similar to the turbo. The exhaust manifold was simply leaking out because of being warped, which seems to have been the culprit for the sheared bolts.

    AT any rate, I thought I would mention it. I would hope that keeping the fluid temps down would help mitigate this problem from cropping up. I wish I was more mechanically skilled or had more experience myself so I could tackle adding the extra cooler, but Im not quite that confident yet.
    bmet ·

    I just read the engine temp thread and about your modifications. I was wondering how the towing was going after quite a bit of time.

    I have a '17 MR 12 passenger eco with almost 80k since picking up from Matt Ford two March's ago. During the summers of 17 and 18 I towed a 25', 4500 lb (empty) hybrid trailer with one wife, four kids, 4 seats removed, and 6 bikes. Sometimes 2 kayaks on top. Always towed just fine, never overheated although I had limited hill travel (TN and neighboring blue ridge mountain passes) Nothing major.

    BUT now, with probably too much confidence, I bought a 31', 5700lb trailer that is a foot taller than the last one. It is a considerable difference in the feeling towing this thing. Ive only taken it out two times, but had my first overheat going up a steep grade to Fort Mountain State park in Georgia. I got the engine power decreased message.
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