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  • CrewVanManInfo ·
    I am in Canton, TX east of Dallas. Only trips I have scheduled at the moment are to Matt Ford in Buckner, MO east of Kansas City. If you are going either direction, just let me know and I can get the seat to you.

    Ed Bowers
    CrewVanManInfo ·
    The freight is too costly and you have to mount the seat on a skid for shipping. The 2 passenger pewter cloth seat I have right now is spoken for to a forum member who ordered a Transit from me at Matt Ford and it will be built at the end of June. I may have another group of seats coming next week and will let you know what I get. The latest ones have been Charcoal Cloth as most of the upfitters are going with the darker color based on the history of the earlier Transits.

    Just send me a email at [email protected] and I will make a note to email you when I get my next set of Pewter Cloth seats.

    Ed Bowers
    Ghostshaper ·
    Hi Adam,
    I have the factory tow package, and the swing arm receiver is a little too high to open the back doors. If you swing out the arm a few inches, the doors will clear, but it still prevents you from opening the doors from inside.

    We can open the rear doors w/ the bikes in our Saris rack if we swing it out all the way.

    For the price, I think it's a good solution if you want the receiver open for towing. It's built really well (sturdy). There's also a bolt down the middle of the receiver that tightens to secure it and prevent rattling.

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