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  • ramonF ·
    Hi Shibs,

    Thanks for the link.

    I got an estimate for $2200. He also stepped through exactly what he would do which was helpful in order to approach the dealer with. I'm still collecting info right now before reaching back out to the dealer. Hoping for a happy ending. I hope your settlement works out.

    stockrex ·
    sorry to hear about your van.
    It has been a journey, yeah right repair my chunky azz,
    call me pls if you don't mind, it will be simpler to chat about it
    ramonF ·
    Hello stockrex,

    For unfortunate reasons, I just came across your post from last April about undisclosed hail damage on your new van. I am sorry that that happened to you, and sympathize because... last week I picked a new 2017 van and after having it for a week discovered significant damage on the roof. They're calling it "carrier" damage. They have agreed to repair it though we haven't talked details yet so I don't know exactly what they have in mind. I'm trying to figure out what my rights are in this situation, and whether I can push them for a discount. Like you were, I'm pissed that they sold me a damaged van. How did things turn out for you? Did the dealer ever come around? Any info you can pass on about your experiences would be helpful.

    Feel free to respond here or at my personal address: [email protected]

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