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  • SasafrassPDX ·
    I found your Flickr page about your Ford Transit conversion. I was wondering if I might be able to ask you a couple of questions?
    I'm wondering how you removed and disabled the curtain airbags in the back passenger area? I have them in my 2018 and have searched forums but I can't seem to locate any information.
    Any help is appreciated,
    Thank you!
    Transit Trader ·
    Hi Stan, don't know enough about the forum functionality to know whether members respond to quick replies on very old posts. I have a HR, Ex coming in Sept. and my experience tells me a forward wind deflector following the leading roof curvature could make a real difference in gas mileage...just look at the tractor trailer industry. With solar and fans on the roof the flow is very disturbed. Did you ever experiment with a deflector as mentioned in a 2015 post? Thanks much

    Transit Trader
    DrJean ·
    Like you're use of "tootle" down the road... do you know where you learned that or where it's from? I use it, "toodle" and everyone laughs at me...but still...
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