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  • mattdt ·
    I saw you had a post from a couple years ago on getting coolant in oil on a transit with 30,000 aprox miles? Do you mind if I ask what you ended up finding out? We have a 2017 with the 3.2 diesel...its an ambulance, but has about 32,000 miles. The oil lab called me today saying sodium and potassium were very high on our last oil sample. It has lost coolant off and on, but we have an auxiliary heater in the patient compartment that has had a loose hose that I assumed was were the coolant was going.

    MABster ·
    Could you send me some pics underneath your pass side front seat. I wanted to see exactly where your heater was routed and how.
    Justin Draper ·
    Hello: I have a 2017 Transit and my dealer is having trouble with the concept of installing the Aux Diesel Fuel Port Kit. It is being suggested and further cautiously explored, if the 2017 already has the necessary connection. I understand that the 2017 is equipped with a Aux fuel port. Do you know if the part that includes the 90 degree filling and straw should still be installed on the 2017 with the standard Aux Port.


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