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  • legrandphoto ·
    Thanks for your insight. I'm leaning towards the ford rack. I think it makes sense for my needs and wallet. What did you use for sealant. I've heard they can leak without properly sealing them up.
    legrandphoto ·
    Hey Ricphoto,
    I saw in a thread that you have the ford roof bars on your van. what is your impression of them? they seem very affordable but I don't know enough about them to make an informed decision. Ive also been looking at the TracRac system which has a 500lb load capacity but for about the same price you only get 2 bars. I have a 2017 350LR wagon. I like being ablee to still fit in some parking garages but would like the option to put a roof box, ladder, surfboard or whatever else up there if needed. Any photos or other info would be awesome thanks.
    Lovemysan ·
    Would you be interesting in shipping a single seat? I'm looking for a charcoal single with arm rest. I'm in Kansas city, mo
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