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  • transit831 ·
    Thank you for your reply! Interesting that you mentioned the "battery conditioner", I saw you had mentioned the Power Pulse in one of your posts. Not many people seem to be talking about those on this forum.
    transit831 ·
    Hi Orton, first appreciate all you have contributed to this forum and your website! It is has been very helpful!

    I saw you got your Lifeline battery from Arc Battery in Sausalito Ca. I spoke to them on the phone recently - they some used 8D batteries from the Coast Guard. Was your battery new or used? Any thoughts on buying used from Arc?
    treejohnny ·
    Hi Dave,

    I am going to be starting a van build next year and I like a lot of your posts that I have seen. I will be setting it up to live in as my 28' TT is too big! I will be at quartzite in a few months and hope to see a bunch of different designs.

    Where did you get ideas from for your buildout?

    Joe Mannix ·
    Orton, thanks for responding. I have wanted Solar from Day one!
    Because I muddled my message, in explaining who I was.
    My main Question is, do you use Alternator power as well. And if given a choice, would you Install the Larger Alternator I already have. 250 amp. Vehicle has 150 amp on it. I would Isolate it of course.
    Put House Battery under passenger seat. Use B to B Charger. The dual style that you can connect solar too! Thanks for any info.
    If 150 amp works well enough with this system then I can sell big 250 Alt, for 1/3 of the money for Solar.
    Peace, Joe Mannix
    Joe Mannix ·
    Hey, Orton It’s Me, Joe Mannix, Sancho Verde, Phone bricked, had to Register as new,Went Back to Joe Mannix and they have me as a Junior member! I’ve been a member since 2015, Driving my 2015 250 High Top, Eco-boost. While you and Longboard and others were waiting on your vehicles.So I hope you remember a little from a month ago as Sancho.For for memory update, I’ve included the info From our last exchange.I talked about, finding the little porthole on Amazon. So I want to do solar, Back then when we were talking shop,Alternator size or adding a 2nd.Mine came with Heavy Duty 150 amp. One thing I thought I wanted was the extra heavy duty. I want solar, my question is should I sell for solar, or use with.It’s beautiful goes for about 350 average now, would need 100 bux in cables. Plus Isolator. I would like to install your new plan with Inverters. I want to keep House power Seperate. Any advice is much appreciated.
    Peace, Joe Mannix
    Mike_Driver ·
    Hi!! I want to buy a new Ford Transit 350 SRB, but has not yet decided what kind of engine is better to take with turbines or standard 3.7. As the engine runs 3.5L V6? How many miles I traveled? There were problems with how the engine or not? as turbines work ?!
    richard ·
    Hello Orton,

    I remember reading your treatise on connecting water sources to the gray water tank via the bottom of the tank to avoid needing a P-trap. Have you actually tested the concept yet? Did it work? I also remember reading (somewhere) about an anti-backup valve. Thoughts?

    Rich Macaluso
    orton ·
    Do you ever plan on being on West coast? I am in no hurry to make the change. The wheel covers have been removed. Maybe next year I will be on the East coast if I get the conversion done.
    ilovehotshot ·
    I cannot find it now but I think it was you that posted a picture of the flume that supplies the air vents in the wagon. To your knowledge, is there a way to put a maxx air fan in the wagon? Thanks, Shawn
    orton ·
    Will help as needed. Best to read my Sprinter-source posts. They are all under "orton-diy" with separate posts for different sections of the build.

    I have sold the Sprinter and expect the ordered Transit in January to begin another conversion. It will be very similar to the Sprinter. Lots of changes/improvements but the layout has worked so well that it will not be changed.

    Dakota & Chelsea stopped by our house on their trip so I have seen their van.

    Have fun with the conversion and at least triple the number of hours you expected to do the conversion. I spent about $20,000 in materials for the Sprinter.

    If you want to communicate directly my email is [email protected] We live in Occidental which is about 1 1/2 hours north of SF.
    MaxCat ·
    Mind if I send you some questions or ideas on my conversion? I've seen your posts on the Sprinter Forums and just stumbled upon your posts on here as well. I'm planning to have a setup pretty similar to this couple:

    Traipsing About | The Adventure Mobile ? Our Sprinter Camper Van DIY Bike Hauler

    Struggling with the best way to insulate the walls, floor, roof, etc. Concerned about corrosion (live on the Oregon coast).

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