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  • jethaden ·
    I found it moves quite a bit in a cross wind or when closely following trucks. Setting back 100 yards from trucks on interstate was fine. Only trip it has been on was MI to FL after I picked it up. Was fine. Easy to drive for its size. I do not speed so can not comment past 70 mph (or so). I would not see medium vs high roof as any real difference. I would not get 148 EL as it just looks too long. Longboard could comment too once his current trip is done. I found interstate noise level higher than I liked, but I did not have any floor covering in mine. Orton made same comment after he removed hit vinyl floor. I have not driven mine enough since insulation was put in to comment on noise level now. Color is ingot silver. It is a standard silver metal flake. Color can be deceiving on a computer monitor. On my photo quality monitor, I find it a fairly true representation. All that green grass in several pictures does give it a slight green tint that is not there.
    Barrabler ·
    Have you found any handling issues with the high roof or any noise . I am interested in the same model but have not been able to test drive it . Is that color called Ingot Silver, looks different on the website than in your pictures.
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